Sunday 16 May 2010

Same bat time, same bat channel, same bat Faschismus

Although the International Worker's Day demonstrations didn't keep me up all night this year, the damage to certain areas of Hamburg and Berlin have steadily increased since I've lived in Germany. I currently live 15 minutes away from Hamburg's Schanzenviertel, widely known as the epicenter of leftist rioting in Germany's second city. In addition to increasingly violent demonstrations, the past year has seen a number of firebomb attacks on private vehicles; they started with so called "luxury vehicles" in posher parts of the city but have graduated to attacks on anything with four wheels. The two videos below show the destruction of a branch of the Deutsche Bank, both during the anti-capitalism "demo" and the aftermath. This Deutsche Bank has the misfortune of being located about 100 metres from the Rote Flora, a former theatre that has been occupied by squatters for the last 15 or so odd years. The centre is typically where anarchist and anti-capitalist groups gather and plan logistics for their various regular "outings."

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