Tuesday 18 May 2010

21st century socialism looks vaguely familiar

Well it looks like 21st century socialism is providing the consistently predictable results it offered in the 20th century: equal access to destitution and misery payed for by someone else. Promising that Venezuela would lead a revolution, Chávez has made good on his promise in only one area. The struggling South American Bolivarianocracy is considered the world's most likely candidate for sovereign default. I guess they can say it loud and say it proud:

"Nosotros somos numero uno!"

As they are currently managing to struggle with daily power shortages while sitting on the world's largest oil reserves outside of the Middle East, and since hard currency and food staples are increasingly hard to come by, maybe they can ask Sean Penn for a bailout. He must have a few uncashed royalty cheques from Shanghai Surprise somewhere in the back of his yurt.

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