Sunday 30 May 2010

Are you laughing yet?

I've already posted a couple of videos from Dieudonné, France's most famous Jew hating "comedian." In an attempt to reach broader audiences with his special brand of humour, he started a political party in France last year known as "le Parti Antisioniste." In case you flunked high school French, that is the "Anti-zionist Party" which claims to represent the true left and aims to remove the "zionist" influence in French society. At the official website, you will find help if you want to boycott Starbucks as well as more Nakbaporn than any "anti-zionist" will ever need.

The story gets even stranger here: while Dieudonné formerly stood against the nationalist right wing in France, they have recently made strange bedfellows in their fight against American and Jewish influence in France. Dieudonné actively campaigned in favour of the National Front, a party headed by noted holocaust "minimizer" Jean-Marie Le Pen. This is the same Le Pen who wants to give foreigners and their children money to relocate back to their home countries and who also came in second place in the 2002 national presidential elections. So, there you have it.

The true left and the neo-nazi right joining together to fight the Jewish menace. Maybe we will have peace in our time?
Here is a picture of Dieudonné dressed in full Nazi regalia. Are you laughing yet?

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