Friday 14 May 2010


Over at JammieWearingFool is a news report that mentions how Hugo Chavez's Bolivarian Revolution™ is increasingly reaping the usual benefits of heavy handed state interference. While this may be shocking to el Presidente and his followers, his alternative vision for the Americas is neither alternative nor visionary. The socialist experiment has been tried before and has previously succeeded in reducing thriving economies into ruins that could not sustain those unfortunate enough to live under them. Food surpluses give way to famine, oil exporters face energy crises, and in the case of North Korea, growth is reversed to such an extent that the majority of the country now lives under pre-industrial conditions with all of the misery that entails.

I would like to nominate El Presidente for "Victim of the Invisible Hand" 2009 award. He needs to get in while the getting is good since Greece is off to a running start to wrap up this years prize in record time.

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