Monday 14 June 2010

The life and times of Forest Gumpidopolous

A recent LA Times article helps underline the "stupid is as stupid votes" mentality of young Greeks who are apparently enjoying a funemployment rate of around 25%. Unable to comprehend the fact that their sorry situation exists to subsidize their parents and grandparents lavish state benefits, they demand more of the same but this time with no negative consequences.

"Stefou believes that the government is bound to respond to her discontent. And she has suggestions: Greece should make up its budget shortfall by pulling its 122 troops from Afghanistan and levying steep taxes on the Orthodox Church rather than squeezing the workers, she says."

Yeah. That ought to do it. Nothing creates jobs like more new taxes. I guess the new slogan should be something like this if it is small enough to fit on a placard once translated into Greek; "Our parents and grandparents tried to screw us by using the state to mortgage our future to pay for handouts they couldn't afford, but we've got a better idea, like if you know, we join in with our grandparents and parents to screw the children we are not having, and then when the bill comes do no one will be around to pay for it and hey, uh, problem solved and death to the bankers."

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