Wednesday 23 June 2010

Guilty: Jewish in the first degree

While the economic situation in Europe has taken precedence over issues of integration or the lack thereof, don't think that it has disappeared entirely. Here is a video report from a Dutch Jewish organization entitled "Yarmulke, threats, and hidden camera" which is rather self explanatory. The story is about the daily intimidation and threats that Jews face while walking through Amsterdam. For the report, a Rabbi and two students walk through the city, *gasp* while wearing a kippa. Obviously, many of the "youths" of Amsterdam consider the existence of Jews a provocation and react accordingly.

While subtitles in English are not available, I will provide a play by play.

2:00: The announcer points out that it doesn't take long before they have their first "incident" of the day.

2:30: A group of "youths" laugh as they walk by and one gives a Hitler salute.

3:05: Here is where I will plagiarize Mark Steyn. "What's that word again?" You guessed it: Youths.

3:20: Doedi explains that he always remains alert when walking through the city. I suppose I would too if half of the people under the age of 25 would gladly use me as kindling.

3:30: A Moroccan honks his horn and yells out "Go back to your own country", which is obviously ironic coming from a Moroccan in the Netherlands. Considering the high turnout for Geert Wilder's party, it seems many Dutch people would ask him to follow his own advice first. I'm sure they would even provide bus fare.

3:50: One Jewish student tells of experiences he has had on a bus, including the now famous "Hamas, Hamas, Jews to the gas" slur made famous during the war with Gaza in 2009. Of course this is a message of peace, love and understanding. It is a little known fact that in John Lennon's ode to utopian world peace, Imagine, this was in a verse that never made the final cut. Because, you know, it's a message of peace and shows a longing to integrate.

And just a side note; the Youths we are talking about here were in their forties. Ah, the youthful exuberance of a 45 year old Jew hater!

4:20: This is a new one to me. One youth calls out "Kankerjood" as they walk past. The best translation for this I can come up with is "Cancer Jew." At least they are creative.

4:45: Another incident with more of the youths of the city. The youths ask him if he is going to call the police. He asks why, and then turns and walks away. Then it gets interesting.

5:20: Is this a peace message? You be the judge. "Jood", by the way, means Jew.

6:00: Here we can start to see the psychological strain of living in such conditions. The word used here is "intimidating." That seems to be a bit of an understatement. I would have said "psychoterror resulting from an aggressive, imperialistic, nihilistic culture that is unable to live at peace with anyone due to a backwards mindset that should have been discarded before Columbus' crew every brought tobacco and syphillis back to the old country." But that's just me. Maybe my grasp of Dutch doesn't allow me to get nuance?

6:10: What was that word again? Jongen = boys = youths.

6:40: Here is a list of the registered complaints in the Netherlands. In the last 6 months. Keep in mind that these are only the ones that made it to the police. And, there are only 30,000 Jews in the Netherlands, 9,000 of which belong to a Jewish organization. Of these, my guess is that fewer than 1,000 would be considered Orthodox and "look" Jewish. These seems to be a widespread phenomena. I guess everyone wants to get in on the craze. Why should the youths of Amsterdam have all the fun when there is nothing to do in Wassernar and Middleburg on a Friday night?

7:30: Here is where the Rabbi gives a relatively calm reaction to the events. He says both that this behaviour is certainly not normal, and that they shouldn't accept it. He's half right. It is certainly unacceptable that Jewish Dutch citizens have to live like 3rd class citizens in their own country, fearful of being spotted. On the other hand, it is definitely the new normal. As you can see from the video, this has gone from an infrequent occurrence to something that happens every time a "visible" Jew is seen on the streets of Amsterdam.

If this video surprises you at all, please read and then reread Mark Steyn's "America Alone." And visit the Netherlands while you still can. It really was quite nice while it lasted.

Update: Reading through the comments section is enlightening. Apparently some people consider it a provocation to wear an Israeli shirt; in other words, don't look Jewish or you are to blame for the unwanted attention. This is where I would note the popularity of the clothing manufacturer Ken Velo, which is particularly loved by the "youth" of Europe. Ken Velo is an Israeli company; it is not the owner's name but means "Yes and No" in Hebrew.


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