Tuesday 5 October 2010

Egypt's Pharaoh threatens World

Egypt's current reigning Pharaoh and all-powerful potentate has threatened that the West will be subjected to a wave of bombings if the Arabs don't get their way in negotiations with Israel. Why don't we play this game as well? Why doesn't the West demand that Arabs finally accept the Jewish state or we will start placing severe restrictions on these countries and their citizens? How many decades should we let the aggressive party that lost a series of wars they initiated to dictate terms of surrender to the rest of the world?

I have a couple of suggestions:

No freedom of movement in the West for Lebanese politicians until Palestinians have equal rights there.

No more Jizya for Palestine until they drop the "Right of Return" permanently.

No more money for our "moderate" Arab partners like Jordan and Egypt until they accept a policy of normalization instead of the cold peace they are currently pushing. This includes and end to all incitement in state media.

Any Arab country that wants to enjoy full diplomatic relations with the US must have full diplomatic relations with Israel.

It is time that the losers, even the "moderate" ones, stop dictating terms of surrender to the rest of us and threatening our citizens with global terror if they don't get their ways.

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